Hi! My name is Bigfoot Mama. I am the proud mother of two beautiful little girls. Their daddy is an amazing man (Bigfoot Papa). We have been together since 2007. We live in a small town in Missouri. And by small, I mean around 6,000 people. There are other small towns nearby, that create an overall larger community, but our actual town is small enough that we don’t even have a Walmart. That’s tiny lol.

About this Blog: This blog will mostly be used to privately post my ancestry information so that my family can see it. Other than that, I may share the random tidbit here and there.

About the Name: Bigfoot Mama …Well, I have always joked that the reason nobody can ever find Bigfoot is because he lives at my house. Bigfoot Papa wears a size 15 shoe, he is 6’5″ tall, and has an above average amount of body hair lol.


6 thoughts on “About

    • Yes, they are both on the big side. My 4 year old is at 90th percentile for height and around 60 for weight, and my 9 month old is the opposite, 60 for height and 90 for weight (and who said breastfed babies are lean lol). Thank you for the award! When I get home I will repost and accept the award 🙂

      • Your little one could still jump in the numbers. My daughter was always in the 75% or so as a baby and then at 18 months BAM! 98% and she never came back down!! lol She is 12 now and taller than me, wears bigger clothes, and larger shoes! Ha
        I think breastfed or bottle fed, the child’s growth moreso depends on what they inherit. Not to say that the milk plays no role, but I’ve seen chunky babies with both breastmilk and formula. 😀 My dd and ds2 were both slimmer than my ds1 and they all were exclusively breastfed. Go figure!

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